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Added some text to help clarify possible install issues. Thanks Scott…

… Stroz for the idea.
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@@ -6,6 +6,16 @@ GistCreator is a ColdFusion Builder extension for creating Gists. It requires yo
Github username and password. It works with ColdFusion Builder 2 and ColdFusion 10, but the ColdFusion 10
requirement is only within the "settings" keyword in Application.cfc. That could be removed in seconds.
+## Installation Notes
+ColdFusion Builder has two ways to install extensions. One is to take the files for the extension and use the Import
+button in the extension view. If you clone the repository, you will want to use that option as well as ensuring you
+extract the files under your web root.
+Github also allows you to download a zip of the file contents. This is where things may cause you trouble. ColdFusion
+Builder also has an Install option that works with zips. But if your zip is not in the right format, then the install
+will not work. If you grab the zip from Github, do **not** use this option. Instead, extract the files first and use
+the Import option.
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