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Star Wars API Wrapper

A simple wrapper to the Star Wars API. Include the library and then make calls to the various API end points. Current methods are:

  • getResources - Returns a list of all available resources. Not really useful for this library.
  • getPerson(id) - Returns one person.
  • getPeople([page]) - Returns everyone, paged. Defaults to page 1.
  • getFilm(id) - Returns one film.
  • getFilms([page]) - Returns all films, paged. Defaults to page 1.
  • getPlanet(id) - Returns a planet.
  • getPlanets([page]) - Returns all plaents, paged. Defaults to page 1.
  • getSpecies(id) - Returns one species.
  • getAllSpecies([page]) - Returns all species, paged. Defaults to page 1.
  • getStarship(id) - Returns a starship.
  • getStarships([page]) - Returns all starships, paged. Defaults to page 1.
  • getVehicle(id) - Returns a vehicle.
  • getVehicles([page]) - Returns all vehicles, paged. Defaults to page 1.

Every method above takes a callback argument. Examples:

//get all vehicles
swapiModule.getVehicles(function(data) {
	console.log("Result of getVehicles", data);
//get all vehicles, page 2
swapiModule.getVehicles(2, function(data) {
	console.log("Result of getVehicles (page 2)", data);

//get one vehicle (assumes 4 works)
swapiModule.getVehicle(4,function(data) {
	console.log("Result of getVehicle/4", data);

To be done: I know I can optimize the code a bit. I'll do that. I also want to add a caching layer. Finally, it needs some proper unit tests.


Added unit tests and a grunt task. Also a minified version.