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<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=true showdebugoutput=false>
Name : Application.cfm
Author : Raymond Camden
Created : September 2, 2004
Last Updated : August 3, 2007
History : change application.cfc to soundings.cfc
: Stupid IE. If you hit ENTER instead of clicking the button, it wouldn't send the value. (rkc 3/1/06)
: work w/o mapping (rkc 3/10/06)
: user changes (rkc 8/3/07)
Purpose :
<cfapplication name="soundings" sessionManagement="true">
<cfif not isDefined("application.init") or isDefined("url.reinit")>
<!--- Get main settings --->
<cfset application.soundings = createObject("component","cfcs.soundings")>
<cfset application.settings = application.soundings.getSettings()>
<cfset application.survey = createObject("component","cfcs.survey").init(application.settings)>
<cfset application.question = createObject("component","cfcs.question").init(application.settings)>
<cfset application.questionType = createObject("component","cfcs.questiontype").init(application.settings)>
<cfset application.template = createObject("component","cfcs.template").init(application.settings)>
<cfset application.user = createObject("component","cfcs.user").init(application.settings)>
<cfset application.utils = createObject("component","cfcs.utils")>
<cfset application.toxml = createObject("component","cfcs.toxml")>
<cfset session.surveys = structNew()>
A required setting is attachment dir. We need to ensure it exists.
<cfif not directoryExists(application.settings.attachmentdir)>
<cfthrow message="Directory specified as the attachment directory does not exist.">
<cfset application.chartformat = "flash">
<cfif server.coldfusion.productname EQ "railo" OR server.coldfusion.productname EQ "lucee">
<cfset application.chartformat = "png">
<cfset application.init = true>
<!--- include UDFs --->
<cfinclude template="includes/udf.cfm">
<cfif isDefined("url.logout")>
<cfset structDelete(session, "loggedin")>
<!--- handle security --->
<cfif not request.udf.isLoggedOn()>
<!--- are we trying to logon? --->
<cfif isDefined("form.username") and isDefined("form.password")>
<cfif application.user.authenticate(form.username,form.password)>
<cfset session.user = application.user.getUser(form.username)>
<cfset session.loggedin = true>
<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=false>