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<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=true>
Name : index.cfm
Author : Raymond Camden
Created : September 2, 2004
Last Updated : March 10, 2006
History : work w/o mapping (rkc 3/10/06)
Purpose : Displays surveys
<cfimport taglib="./tags/" prefix="tags">
<cfset surveys = application.survey.getSurveys(bActiveOnly=1,publicList=1)>
<!--- Loads header --->
<tags:layout templatename="main" title="Welcome to Soundings">
<!--- Now display the table. This changes based on what our data is. --->
<h2>Welcome to Soundings</h2>
Welcome to Soundings, the Survey application. Below you will find a list of active surveys. Surveys that are restricted in some way will be marked.
<h2>Active Surveys</h2>
<cfif surveys.recordCount eq 0>
Sorry, but there are no surveys available at this time.
<cfloop query="surveys">
<cfset emailList = application.survey.getEmailList(id)>
<a href="survey.cfm?id=#id#">#name#</a>
<cfif surveypassword neq "" or emailList.recordCount>(Restricted)</cfif>
<cfif dateend neq "">(Ends on: #dateFormat(dateend,"mm/dd/yyyy")#)</cfif>
<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly=false>