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CanIUse Extension

Welcome to the initial release of the CanIUse Brackets extension. This extension wraps the remote data for, a site that provides capability stats for various web features amongst the top browsers. Currently this extension shows a subset of available browsers I think were most important, but this list could be changed as well.

To install, simply drag the brackets-caniuse folder to your Brackets/Edge Code extensions/user folder, reload your editor, and select "Show CanIUse" from the View menu.


3/8/2016: Merge PR by @oseporto - switches PanelManager to WorkspaceManger. Updated data.json

7/4/2015: Fixes #16 and updates data.json

5/11/2015: Fixes #15 and updates data.json

10/7/2014: Addresses #13, better handling of dark theme. Also refreshed data.

6/18/2014: New data.

6/17/2014: Fixed a Windows (possibly Linux too) display issue.

5/28/2014: Added caniuse to CSS styles to not mess w/ Brackets

5/20/2014: Merged in a PR by karanjthakkar that corrects layout issues.

12/6/2013: Updates for file system changes (thanks to Peter Flynn)

7/7/2013: Even more updated by EvilOatmeal - Update to the latest CanIUse data. The data now includes a timestamp of when it was last updated so now we're using that to show when the data was last updated.

6/16/2013: More updates by EvilOatmeal - Update to the latest data.json from Refactor so eras are not hardcoded in browserVersionLookup. Add credit to for the data. Show the date of the latest data update in the UI.

6/16/2013: Another update by EvilOatmeal - uses proper bottom panel.

5/29/2013: Merged in a huge amount of kick ass UI updates by EvilOatmeal: #3

Also added package.json

4/16/2013: add menu fix

12/23/2012: Small tweak due to a change to in file error handling. See: adobe/brackets#2318

11/12/2012: Use correct DOM insertion.
10/24/2012: Randy Edmunds added some very nice layout updates. I fixed a floating point # and the broken filter.
10/2/2012: Modified feature layout and removed some console.logs
10/1/2012: Initial release


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