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A Brackets wrapper for the HTMLHint library (see credit below).
Provides Brackets Code Inspection for HTML and XML.


If you want to change the default rules place a .htmlhintrc and/or .xmlhintrc file at the project root.
Check the default ruleset here.

Global default options are available under "Debug > Open Preferences File" by adding or modifying "htmlhint.options" and "xmlhint.options". It also uses "jshint.options" and "csslint.options" for script and style tags.


[02/04/2017] Fixes a cursor placement issue [01/03/2017] Updated htmlhint - by @mornir [01/16/2016] Big update by Peter Scheler to support passing csslint/jshint options along to htmlhint. This means code inside <style>/<script> blocks can be validated. [02/17/2015] json format htmlhintrc, xmlhintrc: credit Hirse [02/13/2015] Added support for XML code inspection
[09/09/2014] more changes to .htmlhintrc logic
[09/09/2014] Added support for .htmlhintrc
[11/01/2013] Initial release.


Built with HTMLHint.