Homebridge-mqtt is a Plugin for Homebridge.
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NPM version

Homebridge-mqtt is a Plugin for Homebridge. The design is based on MVC pattern, have a look at homebridge-mvc. Homebridge-mqtt is a dynamic Plugin that allows you to add and control accessories from a "Bridge" or "Device" with a mqtt API. Node-RED is the perfect platform to use with homebridge-mqtt.

Note-RED is a visual tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services.


If you are new to Homebridge, please first read the Homebridge documentation. If you are running on a Raspberry, you will find a tutorial in the homebridge-punt Wiki.

Install homebridge:

sudo npm install -g homebridge

Install homebridge-mqtt:

sudo npm install -g homebridge-mqtt


Add the mqtt-platform in config.json in your home directory inside .homebridge.

  "platform": "mqtt",
  "name": "mqtt",
  "url": "mqtt://",
  "port": "1883",
  "topic_type": "multiple",
  "topic_prefix": "homebridge",
  "username": "foo",
  "password": "bar",
  "cert": "/path/to/certificate.pem",
  "key": "path/to/key.pem",
  "ca": "/path/to/ca_certificate.pem",
  "qos": 1

Replace with the ip-address of your mqtt broker.


topic_type multiple: the data is sent to all devices, e.g.

topic : homebridge/from/set

topic_type single: the data is sent to a single device, the accessory name is added to the topic, e.g.

topic : homebridge/from/set/flex_lamp

mqtt API

The data (payload) is sent/received in a JSON format using following topics:

  • homebridge/to/add
  • homebridge/to/add/service
  • homebridge/to/remove
  • homebridge/to/remove/service
  • homebridge/to/get
  • homebridge/to/set
  • homebridge/to/set/reachability
  • homebridge/to/set/accessoryinformation
  • homebridge/from/get
  • homebridge/from/set
  • homebridge/from/response
  • homebridge/from/identify

Version 0.3.0 and higher supports multiple services. To handle multiple services a new property service_name has been introduced.

Note: To add a service to an existing accessory (created prior version 0.3.0) please first remove the accessory and add it again.

Howto examples

add accessory

topic: homebridge/to/add
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp", "service_name": "light", "service": "Switch"}

or with the additional accessory informations

topic: homebridge/to/add
  "name": "flex_lamp",
  "service_name": "light",
  "service": "Switch",
  "manufacturer": "lamp_manu",
  "model": "flex_007",
  "serialnumber": "4711",
  "firmwarerevision": "1.0.0"


topic: homebridge/from/response
payload: {"ack": true, "message": "accessory 'flex_lamp' service_name 'light' is added."}

add service

Note: an accessory with the same name must be added before.

topic: homebridge/to/add/service
payload: {"name": "multi_sensor", "service_name": "humidity", "service": "HumiditySensor"}


topic: homebridge/from/response
payload: {"ack": true, "message": "service_name 'humidity', service 'HumiditySensor' is added."}

remove accessory

topic: homebridge/to/remove
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp"}


topic: homebridge/from/response
payload: {"ack": true, "message": "accessory 'flex_lamp' is removed."}

remove service

topic: homebridge/to/remove/service
payload: {"name": "multi_sensor", "service_name": "humidity"}


topic: homebridge/from/response
payload: {"ack": true, "message": "accessory 'multi_sensor' service_name 'humidity' is removed."}

get accessory/accessories

The purpose of this topic is to retrieve accessory configurations. Use homebridge/from/set to control your devices.

topic: homebridge/to/get
payload: {"name": "outdoor_temp"}

homebridge sends the accessory configuration:

topic: homebridge/from/response
  "outdoor_temp": {
    "services": {
      "Temperature": "TemperatureSensor"
    "characteristics": {
      "Temperature": {
        "CurrentTemperature": 13.4
topic: homebridge/to/get
payload: {"name": "*"}

homebridge sends all accessory configurations:

topic: homebridge/from/response
  "node_switch": {
    "services": {
      "light": "Switch"
    "characteristics": {
      "Light": {
        "On": true
  "office_lamp": {
    "services": {
      "office_light": "Lightbulb"
    "characteristics": {
      "office_light": {
        "On": "blank",
        "Brightness": 65
  "living_temp": {
    "services": {
      "living_temperature": "TemperatureSensor"
    "characteristics": {
      "living_temperature": {
        "CurrentTemperature": 19.6

set value (to homebridge)

topic: homebridge/to/set
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp", "service_name": "light", "characteristic": "On", "value": true}

get value (from homebridge)

topic: homebridge/from/get
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp", "service_name": "light", "characteristic": "On"}

Homebridge-mqtt will return the cached value to HomeKit. Optionally you can publish the actual value using homebridge/to/set.

set value (from homebridge)

topic: homebridge/from/set
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp", "service_name": "light", "characteristic": "On", "value": true}

set reachability

topic: homebridge/to/set/reachability
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp", "reachable": true}
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp", "reachable": false}

set accessory information

topic: homebridge/to/set/accessoryinformation
payload: {"name": "flex_lamp", "manufacturer": "espressif", "model": "esp8266-12", "serialnumber": "4711", "firmwarerevision": "1.1.0"}

identify accessory

topic: homebridge/from/identify
payload: {"name":"indoor_temp","manufacturer":"homebridge-mqtt","model":"v0.3.0","serialnumber":"2017-02-13T12:17"}

define characterstic

The required characteristics are added with the default properties. If you need to change the default, define the characteristic-name with the properties. e.g.:

topic: homebridge/to/add
    "name": "living_temp",
    "service_name": "temperature",
    "service": "TemperatureSensor",
    "CurrentTemperature": {"minValue": -20, "maxValue": 60, "minStep": 1}

To add an optional charachteristic define the characteristic-name with "default" or with the properties. e.g.:

topic: homebridge/to/add
    "name": "living_lamp",
    "service_name": "light",
    "service": "Lightbulb",
    "Brightness": "default"
topic: homebridge/to/add
    "name": "bathroom_blind",
    "service_name": "blind",
    "service": "WindowCovering",
    "CurrentPosition": {"minStep": 5},
    "TargetPosition": {"minStep": 5},
    "CurrentHorizontalTiltAngle": {"minValue": 0, "minStep": 5},
    "TargetHorizontalTiltAngle": {"minValue": 0, "minStep": 5}

HomeKitTypes.js describes all the predifined Services, Characteristcs, format and properties for the value e.g.:

 * Service "Contact Sensor"

Service.ContactSensor = function(displayName, subtype) {
  Service.call(this, displayName, '00000080-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291', subtype);

  // Required Characteristics

  // Optional Characteristics

 * Characteristic "Contact Sensor State"

Characteristic.ContactSensorState = function() {
  Characteristic.call(this, 'Contact Sensor State', '0000006A-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291');
    format: Characteristic.Formats.UINT8,
    perms: [Characteristic.Perms.READ, Characteristic.Perms.NOTIFY]
  this.value = this.getDefaultValue();

inherits(Characteristic.ContactSensorState, Characteristic);

Characteristic.ContactSensorState.UUID = '0000006A-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291';

// The value property of ContactSensorState must be one of the following:
Characteristic.ContactSensorState.CONTACT_DETECTED = 0;
Characteristic.ContactSensorState.CONTACT_NOT_DETECTED = 1;

Derived from this:

service = ContactSensor
characteristic = ContactSensorState
format = UINT8
property = 0 or 1

Node-red example


For more examples take a look at the wiki