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cfn-modules: ASG singleton SSM example

This example project demonstrates how an ASG singleton can be managed by SSM. Every hour, SSM fetches the software inventory and the installed patches and displays them in the SSM inventory.


  1. Install Node.js 8.x
  2. Create an S3 bucket where aws cloudformation package uploads the artifacts.
    1. Choose a unique bucket name, e.g. BucketName=cfn-modules-$Name-$Region
    2. Replace $Name with a unique name (e.g. your initials or company name)
    3. Replace $Region with your AWS default region (e.g. us-east-1)
    4. Create the bucket aws s3 mb s3://$BucketName


npm i
aws cloudformation package --template-file example.yml --s3-bucket $BucketName --output-template-file packaged.yml
aws cloudformation deploy --template-file packaged.yml --stack-name asg-singleton-ssm-example --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

Open the SSM inventory and search for the EC2 instance. Have a look at the Inventory and Patch tab of the Instance.

Don't forget to delete the stack once your are done with the demo:

aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name asg-singleton-ssm-example


Find all modules here: https://www.npmjs.com/org/cfn-modules