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XQRS Test Suite

The XQRS Test suite is written in Scala and XQuery. The Scala part acts as a client, submitting Requests against a remote HTTP Server, checking that the responses match what's expected. The tests are built paying great attention to the wording found in the RESTXQ specification document. There are also additional tests for MarkLogic particulars. At the time of writing this document there are 414+ tests.

The Scala Tests make use of the Gatling framework to submit HTTP Requests to URI locations at a MarkLogic Server. These tests can easily be modified into load and performance tests if they need to be.

Before any test is ran, the xqrs.xqy is copied to xqrs-test.xqy with the imports found in test-suite-imports.xq injected in. When tests have completed, this xqrs-test.xqy is deleted.


  1. Ensure MarkLogic is installed.
  2. Ensure Scala + SBT are installed.

Setting up the MarkLogic Side

  1. Create a MarkLogic HTTP Server on port 9013
  2. Set the root property to be the local directory containing xqrs.xqy
  3. Set the modules property to be (file system)
  4. Set the url rewriter property to be xqrs-test.xqy
  5. Set the 'authentication' property to 'application-level'
  6. Set the 'default user' property to 'admin'

Setting up the client side

  1. On the console navigate to test-suite/gatling-funspec
  2. Get into SBT by typing sbt

To run all tests, type gatling:test

To run a specific test/class you can use gatling:testOnly com.xmllondon.restxq.resource.function.PathAnnotation