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from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
import re
'adr1', 'adr2', 'agc_ADDR_LATITUDE', 'agc_ADDR_LONGITUDE', 'city', 'email',
'languages', 'nme', 'phone1', 'services', 'statecd', 'weburl', 'zipcd',
def clean_counselors(counselors):
"""Returns a cleaned set of HUD housing counselors."""
return list(map(clean_counselor, counselors))
def clean_counselor(counselor):
"""Cleans a single housing counselor."""
counselor = dict(counselor)
if not REQUIRED_COUNSELOR_KEYS.issubset(set(counselor.keys())):
raise ValueError('missing keys in counselor')
lat_lng_keys = ('agc_ADDR_LATITUDE', 'agc_ADDR_LONGITUDE')
for key in lat_lng_keys:
counselor[key] = float_or_none(counselor[key])
for key in ('city', 'nme'):
counselor[key] = title_case(counselor[key])
counselor['email'] = reformat_email(counselor['email'])
counselor['weburl'] = reformat_weburl(counselor['weburl'])
return counselor
def float_or_none(s):
"""Ensure a value is of type float if it is not none."""
if s:
return float(s)
def reformat_email(s):
s = (s or '').strip()
if '.' in s and '@' in s:
return s
def reformat_weburl(s):
"""Convert invalid URLs to null."""
s = (s or '').strip()
if s and '.' in s and 'notavailable' not in s:
match = re.match(r'^http(s)?://', s)
if not match:
s = 'http://' + s
return s
def title_case(s):
"""Convert a string to have title case."""
if not s:
return None
s = s.lower()
parts = s.split(' ')
lower_case = (
'a', 'an', 'and', 'as', 'at', 'by', 'for', 'in', 'of', 'on', 'or',
'the', 'to', 'with'
parts[0] = parts[0].title()
parts = map(
lambda part: part.title() if part not in lower_case else part,
return ' '.join(parts)
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