A site for the CFPB to share and discuss its technology work with the world.
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A site for the CFPB to share and discuss its technology work with the world.

Running it locally

Content editors and developers probably want to set up cfpb.github.io on their local machine so they can preview updates without pushing to GitHub.

Before you get started make sure you have an up-to-date version of Ruby and Bundler. We use Homebrew:

brew install ruby
gem install bundler

As the site is intended to be deployed on GitHub Pages, installing the GitHub Pages gem is the best way to install Jekyll and related dependencies. Run the following command to install it:

bundle install

Note: As of 6/23/16, you may need to run this command before running bundle install to handle a bug in one of the dependencies:

bundle config build.nokogiri --use-system-libraries

Fork and clone the repo to your local machine.

From the project directory, run Jekyll:

bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Open it up in your browser: http://localhost:4000/

Working with the front end

The cfpb.github.io project front end currently uses the following:

  • Jekyll: Static site generator used by GitHub Pages.

Getting involved

We welcome your feedback and contributions. See the contribution guidelines for more details.

Note: Currently this file has standard language geared toward code contributions. Interested in contributing to design discussions? Just check out the issues and dive right in!

Open source licensing info

  1. TERMS
  3. CFPB Source Code Policy