(Work In Progress) A repository for tools and resources for open source in government.
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Our Goals

Open source software has been used within the federal government for years, but agency use varies greatly. Project Open Source hopes to dispel some of the uncertainties and doubts about the usage and benefits of open source software for government agencies.

This repository will be a resource that includes case studies for how agencies have dealt with common open source problems, examples of agency-specific open source-related policies, and sample contract language.

How to Contribute

This project constitutes a collaborative work ("open source"). Federal employees and members of the public are encouraged to improve the project by contributing. For information on how to contribute, please see the how to contribute


The project is a public domain work and is not subject to domestic or international copyright protection. See the license file for additional information.

Members of the public and US government employees who wish to contribute are encourage to do so, but by contributing, dedicate their work to the public domain and waive all rights to their contribution under the terms of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.


Comments, pull requests and any other messages received through this repository may be archived.