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from copy import deepcopy
from collections import defaultdict
import logging
import os
from urlparse import urlparse
from lxml import etree
import requests
from regparser.notice.address import fetch_addresses
from regparser.notice.build_appendix import parse_appendix_changes
from regparser.notice.build_interp import parse_interp_changes
from regparser.notice.diff import parse_amdpar, find_section, find_subpart
from regparser.notice.diff import new_subpart_added
from regparser.notice.diff import DesignateAmendment
from regparser.notice.dates import fetch_dates
from regparser.notice.sxs import find_section_by_section
from regparser.notice.sxs import build_section_by_section
from regparser.notice.util import spaces_then_remove, swap_emphasis_tags
from regparser.notice import changes
from regparser.tree import struct
from regparser.tree.xml_parser import reg_text
from regparser.grammar.unified import notice_cfr_p
import settings
def build_notice(cfr_title, cfr_part, fr_notice, do_process_xml=True):
""" Given JSON from the federal register, create our notice structure """'building notice, title {0}, part {1}, notice {2}'.format(
cfr_title, cfr_part, fr_notice['document_number']))
cfr_parts = set(str(ref['part']) for ref in fr_notice['cfr_references'])
notice = {'cfr_title': cfr_title,
'cfr_parts': list(cfr_parts),
'cfr_part': cfr_part}
notice_number = fr_notice['document_number']
# Check for configured overrides of the FR JSON for this notice
if notice_number in settings.FR_NOTICE_OVERRIDES:
logging.warning("overriding FR for {}".format(notice_number))
notice_overrides = settings.FR_NOTICE_OVERRIDES[notice_number]
for k, v in notice_overrides.iteritems():
fr_notice[k] = v
# Copy over most fields
for field in ['abstract', 'action', 'agency_names', 'comments_close_on',
'document_number', 'publication_date',
if fr_notice[field]:
notice[field] = fr_notice[field]
if fr_notice['effective_on']:
notice['effective_on'] = fr_notice['effective_on']
notice['initial_effective_on'] = fr_notice['effective_on']
if fr_notice['html_url']:
notice['fr_url'] = fr_notice['html_url']
if fr_notice['citation']:
notice['fr_citation'] = fr_notice['citation']
notice['fr_volume'] = fr_notice['volume']
notice['meta'] = {}
for key in ('dates', 'end_page', 'start_page', 'type'):
notice['meta'][key] = fr_notice[key]
if fr_notice['full_text_xml_url'] and do_process_xml:
local_notices = _check_local_version_list(
if len(local_notices) > 0:
logging.warning("using local xml for %s",
return process_local_notices(local_notices, notice)
logging.warning("fetching notice %s",
notice_str = requests.get(fr_notice['full_text_xml_url']).content
return [process_notice(notice, notice_str)]
return [notice]
def split_doc_num(doc_num, effective_date):
""" If we have a split notice, we construct a document number
based on the original document number and the effective date. """
effective_date = ''.join(effective_date.split('-'))
return '%s_%s' % (doc_num, effective_date)
def process_local_notices(local_notices, partial_notice):
""" If we have any local notices, process them. Note that this takes into
account split notices (a single notice split into two because of different
effective dates"""
notices = []
if len(local_notices) > 1:
# If the notice is split, pick up the effective date and the
# CFR parts from the XML
partial_notice['effective_on'] = None
partial_notice['cfr_parts'] = None
for local_notice_file in local_notices:
with open(local_notice_file, 'r') as f:
notice = process_notice(partial_notice,
notices = set_document_numbers(notices)
return notices
def set_document_numbers(notices):
""" If we have multiple notices, we need to fix their document
numbers. """
if len(notices) > 1:
for notice in notices:
notice['document_number'] = split_doc_num(
notice['document_number'], notice['effective_on'])
return notices
def process_notice(partial_notice, notice_str):
notice_xml = etree.fromstring(notice_str)
notice = dict(partial_notice)
notice_xml = preprocess_notice_xml(notice_xml)
process_xml(notice, notice_xml)
return notice
def _check_local_version_list(url):
"""Use any local copies (potentially with modifications of the FR XML)"""
parsed_url = urlparse(url)
path = parsed_url.path.replace('/', os.sep)
notice_dir_suffix, file_name = os.path.split(path)
for xml_path in settings.LOCAL_XML_PATHS:
if os.path.isfile(xml_path + path):
return [xml_path + path]
notice_directory = xml_path + notice_dir_suffix
if os.path.exists(notice_directory):
notices = os.listdir(notice_directory)
prefix = file_name.split('.')[0]
relevant_notices = [os.path.join(notice_directory, n)
for n in notices if n.startswith(prefix)]
return relevant_notices
return []
def process_designate_subpart(amendment):
""" Process the designate amendment if it adds a subpart. """
if 'Subpart' in amendment.destination:
subpart_changes = {}
for label in amendment.labels:
label_id = '-'.join(label)
subpart_changes[label_id] = {
'action': 'DESIGNATE', 'destination': amendment.destination}
return subpart_changes
def process_new_subpart(notice, amd_label, par):
""" A new subpart has been added, create the notice changes. """
subpart_changes = {}
subpart_xml = find_subpart(par)
subpart = reg_text.build_subpart(amd_label.label[0], subpart_xml)
for change in changes.create_subpart_amendment(subpart):
return subpart_changes
def create_xmlless_changes(amended_labels, notice_changes):
"""Deletes, moves, and the like do not have an associated XML structure.
Add their changes"""
amend_map = changes.match_labels_and_changes(amended_labels, None)
for label, amendments in amend_map.iteritems():
for amendment in amendments:
if amendment['action'] == 'DELETE':
notice_changes.update({label: {'action': amendment['action']}})
elif amendment['action'] == 'MOVE':
change = {'action': amendment['action']}
destination = [d for d in amendment['destination'] if d != '?']
change['destination'] = destination
notice_changes.update({label: change})
elif amendment['action'] not in ('POST', 'PUT', 'RESERVE'):'NOT HANDLED: %s' % amendment['action'])
def create_xml_changes(amended_labels, section, notice_changes,
"""For PUT/POST, match the amendments to the section nodes that got
parsed, and actually create the notice changes. """
def per_node(node):
node.child_labels = [c.label_id() for c in node.children]
struct.walk(section, per_node)
amend_map = changes.match_labels_and_changes(amended_labels, section)
for label, amendments in amend_map.iteritems():
for amendment in amendments:
if amendment['action'] in ('POST', 'PUT'):
if (subpart_label and amendment['action'] == 'POST'
and len(label.split('-')) == 2):
amendment['extras'] = {'subpart': subpart_label}
if 'field' in amendment:
nodes = changes.create_field_amendment(label, amendment)
nodes = changes.create_add_amendment(amendment)
for n in nodes:
elif amendment['action'] == 'RESERVE':
change = changes.create_reserve_amendment(amendment)
elif amendment['action'] not in ('DELETE', 'MOVE'):'NOT HANDLED: %s' % amendment['action'])
class AmdparByParent(object):
"""Not all AMDPARs have a single REGTEXT/etc. section associated with them,
particularly for interpretations/appendices. This simple class wraps those
def __init__(self, parent, first_amdpar):
self.parent = parent
self.amdpars = [first_amdpar]
def append(self, next_amdpar):
def preprocess_notice_xml(notice_xml):
"""Unfortunately, the notice xml is often inaccurate. This function
attempts to fix some of those (general) flaws. For specific issues, we
tend to instead use the files in settings.LOCAL_XML_PATHS"""
notice_xml = deepcopy(notice_xml) # We will be destructive
# Last amdpar in a section; probably meant to add the amdpar to the
# next section
for amdpar in notice_xml.xpath("//AMDPAR"):
if amdpar.getnext() is None:
parent = amdpar.getparent()
next_parent = parent.getnext()
if (next_parent is not None
and parent.get('PART') == next_parent.get('PART')):
next_parent.insert(0, amdpar)
# Supplement I AMDPARs are often incorrect (labelled as Ps)
xpath_contains_supp = "contains(., 'Supplement I')"
xpath = "//REGTEXT//HD[@SOURCE='HD1' and %s]" % xpath_contains_supp
for supp_header in notice_xml.xpath(xpath):
parent = supp_header.getparent()
if (parent.xpath("./AMDPAR[%s]" % xpath_contains_supp)
or parent.xpath("./P[%s]" % xpath_contains_supp)):
pred = supp_header.getprevious()
while pred is not None:
if pred.tag not in ('P', 'AMDPAR'):
pred = pred.getprevious()
pred.tag = 'AMDPAR'
if 'supplement i' in pred.text.lower():
pred = None
pred = pred.getprevious()
# Clean up emphasized paragraph tags
for par in notice_xml.xpath("//P/*[position()=1 and name()='E']/.."):
em = par.getchildren()[0] # must be an E from the xpath
# wrap in a thunk to delay execution
par_text = lambda: par.text or ""
em_text, em_tail = lambda: em.text or "", lambda: em.tail or ""
par_open = par_text()[-1:] == "("
em_open = em_text()[:1] == "("
em_txt_closed = em_text()[-1:] == ")"
em_tail_closed = em_tail()[:1] == ")"
if (par_open or em_open) and (em_txt_closed or em_tail_closed):
if not par_open and em_open: # Move '(' out
par.text = par_text() + "("
em.text = em_text()[1:]
if not em_tail_closed and em_txt_closed: # Move ')' out
em.text = em_text()[:-1]
em.tail = ")" + em_tail()
return notice_xml
def process_amendments(notice, notice_xml):
""" Process the changes to the regulation that are expressed in the notice.
amends = []
notice_changes = changes.NoticeChanges()
amdpars_by_parent = []
for par in notice_xml.xpath('//AMDPAR'):
parent = par.getparent()
exists = filter(lambda aXp: aXp.parent == parent, amdpars_by_parent)
if exists:
amdpars_by_parent.append(AmdparByParent(parent, par))
default_cfr_part = notice['cfr_part']
for aXp in amdpars_by_parent:
amended_labels = []
designate_labels, other_labels = [], []
context = [default_cfr_part]
for par in aXp.amdpars:
als, context = parse_amdpar(par, context)
labels_by_part = defaultdict(list)
for al in amended_labels:
if isinstance(al, DesignateAmendment):
subpart_changes = process_designate_subpart(al)
if subpart_changes:
elif new_subpart_added(al):
notice_changes.update(process_new_subpart(notice, al, par))
create_xmlless_changes(other_labels, notice_changes)
# for cfr_part, rel_labels in labels_by_part.iteritems():
labels_for_part = {part: labels
for part, labels in labels_by_part.iteritems()
if part == default_cfr_part}
for cfr_part, rel_labels in labels_for_part.iteritems():
section_xml = find_section(par)
if section_xml is not None:
subparts = aXp.parent.xpath('.//SUBPART/HD')
if subparts:
subpart_label = [cfr_part, 'Subpart',
subpart_label = None
for section in reg_text.build_from_section(cfr_part,
create_xml_changes(rel_labels, section, notice_changes,
for appendix in parse_appendix_changes(rel_labels, cfr_part,
create_xml_changes(rel_labels, appendix, notice_changes)
interp = parse_interp_changes(rel_labels, cfr_part, aXp.parent)
if interp:
create_xml_changes(rel_labels, interp, notice_changes)
# if other_labels: # Carry cfr_part through amendments
# default_cfr_part = other_labels[-1].label[0]
if amends:
notice['amendments'] = amends
notice['changes'] = notice_changes.changes
elif notice['document_number'] in settings.REISSUANCES:
notice['changes'] = {
default_cfr_part: [{
'action': 'PUT',
'node': reg_text.build_tree(notice_xml)
def process_sxs(notice, notice_xml):
""" Find and build SXS from the notice_xml. """
sxs = find_section_by_section(notice_xml)
# note we will continue to use cfr_parts[0] as the default SxS label until
# we find a counter example
sxs = build_section_by_section(sxs, notice['meta']['start_page'],
notice['section_by_section'] = sxs
def fetch_cfr_parts(notice_xml):
""" Sometimes we need to read the CFR part numbers from the notice
XML itself. This would need to happen when we've broken up a
multiple-effective-date notice that has multiple CFR parts that
may not be included in each date. """
cfr_elm = notice_xml.xpath('//CFR')[0]
results = notice_cfr_p.parseString(cfr_elm.text)
return list(results)
def process_xml(notice, notice_xml):
"""Pull out relevant fields from the xml and add them to the notice"""
xml_chunk = notice_xml.xpath('//FURINF/P')
if xml_chunk:
notice['contact'] = xml_chunk[0].text
addresses = fetch_addresses(notice_xml)
if addresses:
notice['addresses'] = addresses
if not notice.get('effective_on'):
dates = fetch_dates(notice_xml)
if dates and 'effective' in dates:
notice['effective_on'] = dates['effective'][0]
if not notice.get('cfr_parts'):
cfr_parts = fetch_cfr_parts(notice_xml)
notice['cfr_parts'] = cfr_parts
process_sxs(notice, notice_xml)
process_amendments(notice, notice_xml)
add_footnotes(notice, notice_xml)
return notice
def add_footnotes(notice, notice_xml):
""" Parse the notice xml for footnotes and add them to the notice. """
notice['footnotes'] = {}
for child in notice_xml.xpath('//FTNT/*'):
spaces_then_remove(child, 'PRTPAGE')
ref = child.xpath('.//SU')
if ref:
child.text = ref[0].tail
content = child.text
for cc in child:
content += etree.tostring(cc)
content += child.tail
notice['footnotes'][ref[0].text] = content.strip()