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Helping Americans make choices about retirement
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Retirement: Before You Claim

This is a project aimed at helping Americans make choices about retirement, including when to claim Social Security benefits.

  • Status: Beta

Edición español

Tú puedes ver este app en español por poner /es al parte final del url.
(You can view this app in Spanish by adding /es to the end of the url.)

Setup dependencies

Code dependencies

For Python testing

For browser testing


The tool is a Django module, intended to be installed in a larger Django project. But it can run on its own in a Mac or Linux environment, assuming you have the setup dependencies of pip, virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper installed. Here's how:

Go to where you want the project to be created, make a virtual environment, clone this repository (or your own fork of it) and install requirements and settings.

mkvirtualenv retirement
git clone
cd retirement
pip install -e '.[testing]'

Build the front-end requirements and the JavaScript files.


Create a standalone database and load the app's tables and content.

python migrate
python loaddata retirement_api/fixtures/retiredata.json

Fire up a development server.

python runserver

The "Before You Claim" page should load at localhost:8000/before-you-claim/.


This application uses a proprietary licensed font (Avenir Next) that is not included in this repository.

By default it will try to load this font from the content delivery network (CDN). This behavior can be modified to instead try to load the font locally from the retirement_api/static/retirement/webfonts/ directory by setting @use-font-cdn to false and rebuilding the assets with gulp build. Restart the local web server once you've made this change.

For Bureau employees or others with access to our private fonts repository, you can perform this step by creating a symbolic link to your local copy of the font files:

ln -s /path/to/cfgov-fonts/fonts/ retirement_api/static/retirement/webfonts

Usage notes

  • The app sends http requests to the Social Security Administration's Quick Calculator to get benefit estimates for the chart.

How to run software tests

  • To run the Python tests, install tox and then run it:
  • You can run the JavaScript tests with:
npm test

Additional documentation

Getting involved

If you find a bug or see a way to improve the project, we'd love to hear from you. Add an issue, or fork the project and send us a pull request with your suggested changes.

Open source licensing info

  1. TERMS
  3. CFPB Source Code Policy

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