Simple Chrom{e,ium} extension that replaces the default New Tab page with a blank one
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Draw a Blank

Simple Chrom{e,ium} extension that replaces the default New Tab page with a blank one


If you've looked through Chrome's preferences, you might have noticed that there's no option to change what page is loaded when you open a new tab: a setting that users of other browsers might take for granted.

Draw a Blank does one thing and one thing only: it overrides Chrome's default New Tab page with an entirely blank one.


Installing is easy:

  1. Clone this repository to your machine.
  2. Open the "Extensions" settings in Chrome.
  3. Check the "Developer mode" checkbox in the upper right corner.
  4. Click "Load unpacked extension..." and choose the directory into which you cloned this extension.
  5. Done!

Odds & Ends

  • Why build another extension for this?

    If all you want is for Chrome to open new tabs to a blank page, you shouldn't have to download a sketchy extension and worry about its permissions. Draw a Blank is open source and needs declare no special permissions at all. Google has made it trivial to override pages, and that's all Draw a Blank does.

  • Why are there no icons?

    I want the blank tab page to be extremely minimal, yet I do not want it to detract from the otherwise clean Chrome experience. Chrome's default New Tab page has no favicon at all. Unfortunately, we can't exactly replicate that since Chrome does load an actual page as part of the override. And when an icon is provided (16x16 or otherwise), it gets used as the favicon. I could provide an alternative default favicon, but I'd rather not. And I don't want to include the one used in Chrome itself so that I can avoid any legal bumps.

  • Why isn't this in the Web Store?

    I just haven't put it there.

  • What's in the actual "blank" page?

    Not much! But it is valid HTML5. You can check it yourself!


Draw a Blank is released under the MIT license (see


I give no assurance of this utility's security, and I do not guarantee that it will not zap your computer and fry your homedir. Use at your own risk.