A collection of JavaScript "userscripts" (see https://userscripts.org)
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This repo is a collection of special JavaScript scripts ("userscripts") that can be run from within your browser. In Firefox, this can be accomplished with the Greasemonkey extension. Chromium and Google Chrome support these scripts natively (as extensions).

Getting the scripts...

The manner in which you should install one of these scripts depends on your browser/extension. With Greasemonkey, go to the "raw" view of the script, and the extension (if enabled) should prompt you to install.


Chances are, most of the code in my scripts was pulled from various places around the Internet. I've tried to give general credits in the individual scripts.


These userscripts are released under the MIT license (see LICENSE.md).


I give no guarantees that any of these scripts is secure or will work at all in your environment. Read the source if you care, and – as always – use at your own risk.