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Pokemon Safari

bitHound Overalll Score

A Pokemon game built as a Chrome Extension. Pokemon are encountered every few minutes, and can be battled and caught by selecting the extension icon when it changes to a "!". The passive nature of the game means that you never really devote any time to it - just seconds a day - but are constantly given little rewards and challenges in order to make your web browsing a bit more fun. The formulas for battling and catching pokemon are the exact same as those used in the Safari Zone in original Pokemon games. In the mean time if you want if can even play a Showdown battle, by clicking the SHOWDOWN button in the popup

TO INSTALL: clone the PokemonSafari folder to your computer. Go to Google Chrome -> Tools -> Extensions. Check the button that says "Developer Mode", and then click "load unpacked extesnion", and select the folder.

TO PLAY: Select the Safari Ball icon to open up the menu. There, you can select a "Safari Zone" with the radio buttons, which determines what kind of Pokemon you find. Selecting the "Pokedex" button takes you to a screen showing all the pokemon you have caught. Whenever the icon changes to a "!", clicking on it will initiate a battle. Each turn you can try to catch a pokemon, throw a rock (which makes the pokemon easier to catch but more likely to flee), or throw bait (which does the opposite).

Upcoming changes:

  • DRYing up some WET parts and increase maintainability by splitting things into modules
  • Improvements in the GUI
  • Adding new regions and features as necessary

Built using the Pokeapi by Paul Hallett.