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Flux Capacitor Logo

If you're looking for the Spark-based Big Data Flux Capacitor Repo, you can find it here:


Flux Capacitor is a Java-based distributed application demonstrating the following Netflix Open Source components (in alphabetical order):

In addition to the Netflix OSS components listed above, Flux Capacitor uses the following Open Source components:

This project demonstrates many aspects of a complete distributed, scalable application from dynamic configuration to real-time metrics.

This app can be deployed standalone, in a data center, or in an AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment with just a few configuration changes.

Architecture Overview

Flux Capacitor Netflix OSS Overview

Video Demo

[launch video] ( Flux Demo

Real-time Metrics

Hystrix Dashboard

Hystrix Dashboard

Annotated Example

Hystrix Annotations

Historical Metrics

Graphite Dashboard

Graphite Dashboard

CloudWatch Dashboard

CloudWatch Dashboard