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The RP-Project: Reloaded is a open source roleplaying mission provided by rp-project.net.

So, you are looking at the mission code...perverts.

Do you want to use this mission on your own server? That is fine, just keep all original credits so people know where the mission originally came from then you are free to use it.

Its probably a good idea to come talk to us first so we can hopefully arrange a way to sync mission updates that we release... we update alot.

So, you probably want the saving application too? That is fine also, just contact me (Unforgiven) on rp-project.net forums and we will have a little talk with you and get it sent over to you. The reason its not included is because 90% of the time you wont know how to set it up and use it!

We do appreciate it if you come by to talk to us, we are a friendly community and sometimes just like to know how the other RP communities are doing.

Much Love,
Unforgiven (Lead Developer)