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AppHouse Manager

Management of AppHouse, to manage applications on hosting platform


AppHouse-Manager is running as an application on AppHouse hosting platform, it manages applications through Manager API of AppHouse.

  1. Install to apps directory:

     cd <AppHouse>/apps
     git clone
  2. Allow AppHouse-Manager to use Manager API:

    Modifiy config file of AppHouse:


    Add "AppHouse-Manager" to config file:

         - 'AppHouse-Manager'
  3. Restart AppHouse to apply config

  4. You can use browser to login now. (Default account: admin/admin)

How to Manage Accounts:

Manage accounts of AppHouse-Manager with modifying <AppHouse-Manager>/config/default.yaml. it can be set couple of account.


Licensed under the GPL-2.0 Authors

Copyright(c) 2012 Fred Chien <>


Copyright(c) 2012 Mandice Company. (