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This repository contains the modifications of code from Chuan Wang's CAMR parser to incorporate 3 types of world knowledge sources.
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This is where I will put the code for LREC paper:

Welch, Charlie, Kummerfeld, Jonathan K, Feng, Song, & Mihalcea, Rada (2018). World Knowledge for Semantic Parsing with Abstract Meaning Representation. In 11th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC). 

Commands for running CAMR

To retrain the model:

python -m train --amrfmt amr --verblist --smatcheval --model amr_model0 --feat ./feature/basic_abt_brown_feats.templates train.txt -d dev.txt > ./logs/train.log 2>&1 &

To parse the test set:

python -m parse --model amr_model0.m test-sentences.txt 2>logs/error.log

To run basic SMATCH evaluation:

python smatch_2.0.2/ -f test-sentences.txt.all.amr_model0.parsed gold_LDC2014T12 --pr

To run detailed SMATCH:

cd amr-evaluation
./ ../test-sentences.txt.all.amr_model0.parsed ../gold_LDC2014T12
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