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Bug Fixes
* Fixed the handling for the "errorEmailServer" setting so that error emails can now be sent without having to set the server in the ColdFusion administrator - [Per Djurner]
* Corrected pluralize rules - #450 [Joshua Clingenpeel, Tony Petruzzi]
* Remove possible spaces in list passed in to callback registration - #448 [Raul Riera]
* Check to see that a function has a declaration in the settings before setting defaults - [James Gibson]
* Update to capitalize() to return nothing if the passed in string is empty - [James Gibson]
* validatesPresenceOf() now takes whitespace into account - [Tony Petruzzi]
* Fix for lock timeouts occurring during race conditions in the "design" and "development" modes - #467 [John C. Bland II, Andy Bellenie, Tony Petruzzi]
* Fix so Wheels uses passed in width/height in imageTag() when only one of them is passed in - #328 [Andy Bellenie, Per Djurner]
* Don't append .css, .js to asset files when they end in .cfm - [Tony Petruzzi]
* Update to reload to catch the query blank boolean error - [James Gibson]
* onCreate validations do not run when onSave validations fail - #455 [Andy Bellenie]
* Fixes bug with nullable foreign keys in where clause - [Andy Bellenie]
* Update to clean up variables from all scopes after running plugin injection - [James Gibson]
* Updated PostgreSQL types - [Jaroslaw Krzemienski, Per Djurner]
* Fix for race condition when checking for existing controller files in the "design" and "development" modes - #360 [Andrea Campolonghi, Per Djurner]
* Error in SQL Server pagination with mapped columns - #456 [Don Humphreys, Tony Petruzzi]
* Updated hasChanged() for a race condition that wasn't met - [James Gibson]
* Fixed pagination error in Oracle when using the "include" argument - #449 [Per Djurner]
* Fixed incorrect layout rendering for renderPartial() and includePartial() - #488 [Jordan Sitkin, Per Djurner]
* Fix for complex "include" strings - #453 [Jordan Sitkin, Andy Bellenie]
* Fixed naming conflict occurring for properties starting with the same name as its model on included objects - #461 [Tony Petruzzi, Per Djurner, Raul Riera]
* Fixed pluralization issue related to partials used with object(s)/queries and removed the limitation of the file being tied to the model name - #427 [Per Djurner, James Gibson]
* Prevent additional errors from occurring during display of CFML errors - #466 [John C. Bland II, Per Djurner, Tony Petruzzi]
Bug Fixes
* Added missing support for passing in array of model objects as options to select() - #411 [John C. Bland II, Tony Petruzzi]
* Fixed so "afterFind" callback methods are only called once during pagination - #435 [Bucky Schwarz, Doug Giles, Per Djurner]
* Added "prependOnAnchor" and "appendOnAnchor" arguments to paginationLinks() to get around an issue where the "appendToPage" string was added on anchor pages - #434 [Joshua Clingenpeel, Per Djurner]
* Fixed bug in paginationLinks() when using "appendToPage" with single page result - [Joshua Clingenpeel, Per Djurner]
* Fixed bug with count() when using composite primary keys - [Per Djurner]
* Fixed concurrency issue related to setting the model name on associations - #419 [John C. Bland II, Per Djurner]
* Fix for skipping duplicate columns returned from cfdbinfo when using Oracle - #437 & #439 [Mike Henke, Per Djurner]
* Fix for race conditions when setting the join clause in an application scoped model object - #432 [James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so URLFor() is not duplicating controller and action when URL rewriting is off - #433 [Per Djurner]
* Added support to imageTag() for all image types that the CFML engine supports - [Cathy Shapiro, Per Djurner]
Bug Fixes
* Added support for more domains in autoLink() and also fixed linking when the URL starts at the very beginning of the string - #424 [Per Djurner]
* Corrected the order in which object properties are set when based on a query result - #404 & #422 [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so the "appendToPage" and "prependToPage" arguments in paginationLinks() apply to the anchor pages - #417 [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
* Changed so developer supplied arguments to URLFor() are not converted to lowercase - #415 [Per Djurner]
* Made sure you can only reload based on the URL when a reload password exists (either empty or set) - #410 [John C. Bland II, Per Djurner]
* Added escaping on strings used in JavaScript - #393 [Tony Petruzzi]
* Changed so the dispatch object is created with a reference from the root of the Wheels application instead of the entire website - [Per Djurner]
* Fixed so sendEmail() automatically sets the "type" argument to "text" or "html" when only one template is in use - [Per Djurner]
* Fixed so creating SELECT clause works when there are 10 tables or more in use - #421 [Don Humphreys, Tony Petruzzi]
* Fixed a regression bug in the dateTimeSelect() function - #413 [Andy Bellenie]
* Fixed bug in dynamic belongsTo() methods - #420 [Andy Bellenie]
* Fixed error with a call to http://localhost/badtemplate.cfm not showing the output of the onmissingtemplate.cfm file - [Clarke Bishop, Andy Bellenie, Per Djurner]
* Corrected link in error email when URL rewriting is on - [Andy Bellenie]
Bug Fixes
* Added work-around for CF9 / OSX related "extends" bug in MySQL adapter - #378 [Russ Johnson, Jordan Sitkin, John C. Bland II, Per Djurner]
* Fixed call to non existing function in URLFor() - [Andy Bellenie, Per Djurner]
Bug Fixes
* Fixed bug in MS SQL adapter when paginating and ordering on identically named columns from two tables - #355 [Don Bellamy, Per Djurner]
* Fixed bug where soft deleted rows were returned when using the include argument - #344 [Andy Bellenie, Per Djurner]
* Fixed bug where humanize() would add a space at the beginning of the string if it started with an upper case character - #359 [Per Djurner]
* To fix bugs with change tracking Wheels will now only check for changes to properties that exist on the model object - #353 [James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so the keys we use for caching always return identical results so they do not break the cache unnecessarily - [Andy Bellenie, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so average() with integer values work in Railo - #331 [Raul Riera, James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so the "for" attribute on form helpers always matches the "id" attribute when it's passed in by the developer - #340 [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so findAll() afterFind callbacks run when one record is returned - #327 [Ryan Hoppitt, Per Djurner]
* Wrapped debug output completely in "cfoutput" tags so that it works when "enableCFOutputOnly" has been set to true - [William Fisk, Per Djurner]
* Fixed a bug with pagination with outer joins that was creating SQL errors when no records were returned from the pagination query - [James Gibson]
* Made the "objectName" argument check for the object in the "variables" scope by default instead of unscoped - #365 [John C. Bland II, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so the this.dataSource setting is picked up by Wheels when used - #333 [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so you can use the built-in validation methods for properties that does not exist in the database table - #362 [Andy Bellenie, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so primary key column is not added to order clause when paginating if it has already been specified with tableName.columnName syntax - [Per Djurner]
* Fixed so pluralization/singularization works with camelCased variable names - [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Added line break to stylesheetLinkTag and javaScriptIncludeTag output - #372 [Tony Petruzzi]
* Fixed bug with select() and selectTag() failing with empty collections as options - #374 [Tony Petruzzi]
* Added missing option "variableName" to validatesFormatOf() options - #337 [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
* Get disallowed methods from Wheels.cfc instead to allow methods in Controller.cfc to be executed as actions - [Per Djurner]
* Fixed so all callbacks run when the valid() method is called - #303 [Tony Petruzzi]
* Allow private methods to be used as controller filters - #380 [Tony Petruzzi]
* Fixed so the date form helpers can accept a blank string as the default value - #391 [Andy Bellenie]
* Fixed so that the "for" and "id" HTML attributes match when passing an empty string in "tagValue" - #303 [Tony Petruzzi]
* Added the datetime2 data type to the Microsoft SQL Server adapter - #401 [Per Djurner]
* Fixed so queries created in afterFind callbacks can be referenced from view helpers - [James Gibson]
* Fixed so links are properly hyphenated when controller/action is part of the placeholder route values. - [William Fisk, Per Djurner]
* Changed setProperties() to allow any passed in variable to be set on the object - [Per Djurner]
* Changed properties() so that it returns anything in the this scope that is not a function - [Per Djurner]
* Support for setting Application.cfc this scoped variables through config/app.cfm - #315 [Jay McEntire, Per Djurner]
* Modified so SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX returns blank string and COUNT returns 0 when no records are found - [Tony Petruzzi, Per Djurner]
* Support for "if"/"unless" in validate(), validateOnCreate() and validateOnUpdate() - [Per Djurner]
* Support for built-in CFML types in validatesFormatOf() - [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
* Allow plugin developer to specify a list of supported Wheels versions instead of just one - [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Rewrite Rules for IIS7 - [Sameer Gupta, Mike Rampton, Per Djurner]
* Rewrite support in sub folders in Apache - [Peter Amiri]
* Added "allowBlank" argument on validatesUniquenessOf() - #271 [Per Djurner]
* Methods from plugins can now be injected to "Application.cfc" - #288 [James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Consistent style and reload links added to debug area - [Per Djurner]
* Added "xml" datatype for SQL Server 2005/2008 - #295 [Andy Bellenie, Per Djurner]
* Turned off rewriting for "robots.txt" file - #278 [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Trimmed final output's white space - #279 [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Humanized list / array items in $optionsForSelect() - #267 [James Gibson]
* Updated model error functions to take and perform actions with properties and name errors - [Tony Petruzzi]
* Removed a query in findAll that didn't need to run when the join type was set to inner - [Mike Henke, Per Djurner]
* Added the Railo specific cfquery attribute called "psq" to make Wheels run on a default installation of Railo - [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
Bug Fixes
* Fixed AVG SQL calculation when dealing with integer values - [Tony Petruzzi, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so that CFID and CFTOKEN values do not get obfuscated when passed in the URL - [James Gibson]
* Fixed so javaScriptIncludeTag and styleSheetLinkTag can work with files with multiple dots in them - #312 [Mike Henke, Tony Petruzzi]
* Included calculated properties in the propertyNames(), reload(), updateAll(), deleteAll(), includePartial() and renderPartial() methods - [Per Djurner]
* Allow dynamic methods to be called through callbacks - [James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so you can pass in the "properties" argument to dynamic methods (it was overridden previously) - [Per Djurner]
* Allow passing along the original where clause when paginating with a criteria on a joined table - Groups [Don Humphreys, Per Djurner]
* Removed unnecessary singularization for associations - Groups [Don Humphreys, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so validations respect the "allowBlank" setting - Groups [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
* Corrected execution time report when reloading application - [Tony Petruzzi, Per Djurner]
* Allowing negative values in where clause - Groups [Don Humphreys, Tony Petruzzi]
* Work-around for a Railo mapping bug that was causing slowness - #268 [Tony Petruzzi, Per Djurner]
* Fixed an includePartial() error with caching that occured in production mode - #285 [James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Support passing in a single column query to select() and selectTag() - #300 [Tony Petruzzi]
* Fixed radio button ids to work properly with negative number values - #274 [Elezotte, Per Djurner]
* Removed display of "rewrite.cfm" in error emails - #280 [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
* Fix for layout handling in sendEmail() on multipart emails - #269 [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Throw Wheels errors based on the "showErrorInformation" setting instead of production mode - #276 [Tony Petruzzi, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so includePartial() / renderPartial() returns a blank string when passed an empty array instead of an error - #287 [James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Fixed a problem with file naming and case on Linux / Unix when using helpers and plugins - [Chris Peters, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so pagination aborts early when no records exist in the table instead of causing an error - Groups [Per Djurner, James Gibson]
* Fixed so return type is correct when no records are found on using findOne() with returnAs="object" - [Raul Riera, Per Djurner]
* Fixed Railo bug caused by argument defaults on a number of functions - #201, #264 [William Fisk, Tony Petruzzi, Per Djurner]
* Fixed so you can order on included tables in finders without speciyfing table name - [Per Djurner]
* Fixed so pagination returns an empty query instead of the full record set when specifying a page out of range - [Per Djurner]
* Refactored validations code - #266 [Per Djurner]
* Copied cgi scope to request scope - #277 [Tony Petruzzi, James Gibson, Per Djurner]
* Removed an unnecessary variable assignment - #265 [William Fisk, Per Djurner]
* Added informative error messages for common Wheels mistakes - [James Gibson, Per Djurner]
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