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New master - Microsoft Access Adapter #5

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fordray commented Mar 26, 2011

Hi Tony & Chris,
I have just put up the new Microsoft Access Adapter into a fork.

I just noticed a file in the wheels/test directory that will require some code to recognize the new Access adapter.


rip747 commented Mar 26, 2011

excellent! before we can apply this, we'll need to run it against the test suite to make sure everything passes. i'll see if i can fork from you and help out

rip747 commented Mar 26, 2011


there seems to be quite a number of problem with using msaccess. first, cfdbinfo doesn't work with it unless you use a jdbc driver such as the "unicode" driver.

also for some reason cfdbinfo will return an empty string when using DDL and creating the table with a char() type. the column is marked as a "Text" type in access, but cfdbinfo return an empty string. this could be a problem with the jdbc driver itself and ACF8.

running the model test suite i get 3 FAILS and 10 ERRORS. these failures and errors MUST be ironed out before we can consider pulling these changes in. i setup a branch in my fork that you can pull the changes i made in order to get the test suite running:


This is not something that can easily be turned into a plugin so if possible I think we should add it as a new adapter.

I know this is really old but if you're still around and using this, could you submit a pull request on the "master" branch instead and we'll have a look at what tests are failing at this point?

Thank you.

@perdjurner perdjurner closed this Jul 14, 2014
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