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Binary 2 JavaScript
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============================== Binary 2 JavaScript

  • Fixed Bug in Format 3 output. Should be 'var payload = ['. Credits @Leeful

  • Fixed EndianSwap for option -4. Credits to Z80 0x90h.

  • Fixed a bug on the bin convertion routine.

A simple tool to convert a binary file which will be mostly a payload, to a unsigned integer 32 Array, embeded into a JavaScript function call. The application is ready to use for the PS4 OpenSource Hacking Community.

Added a second format for the .js to write. Simple use any flag to trigger it. Added Vortex Payload Format. Added back convertion supportfor all 3 formats.

Flags: -1 = Foramt1 u32[] -2 = Format2 p.write4addr.add(... -3 = Format3 var payload = [.... -4 = js2bin

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