Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom
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Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom

Code's License: GPLv3
Art Licensed: CC-By-SA 3.0 unless otherwise stated

Magic. It’s the force that allows it’s users to do supernatural things, that range from enchanting stones, allowing them to play music, or communicating over vast distances by using Crystals, to controling the elements.

While everyone could use Magic, knowledge of it is restricted to a selected few that enter the schools and agree to fight for the Empire. The rest of the population can merely use these trinkets and enchantments… just not modify them, or upgrade them by any means.

Your character will go through the task of “Unsealing” the Magic, and teaching the secrets to ordinary citizens… allowing them to run, modify and share these modified spells amongst others.

The keen might already have noticed what the game’s about: Propietary vs Libre. It’s a fight for a GNU World, to promote the Four Freedoms, to let everyone modify their devices however they want and to spread the Knowledge of Magic throughout the land.