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## Canvas Drawing Demo
This Demo is a simple canvas drawing demo origianlly created for a Preschooler. I used the History API to allow for undo [browser back OR ctrl + z] and redo [browser fwd OR ctrl + y]. It won the [August Dev Derby]( Check it out [here](../draw/)
+##Orientation Demos
+Another Dev Derby Entry I submitted was for device orientation. I utilized the device orientation event to control a ball on an html canvas element that is used to catch a target ball. The goal is to do it quickly. If you device doesn't support orientation events you can click/tap to change the location of the ball, and you may also control the location using the keyboard H, J, K, L keys. The Dev Derby entry is [here]( and my github hosted version is [here](../catch).
+In the above demo I did not utilize the DeviceOrientationEvent.alpha parameter which is basically the cardinal direction of your device (think compass). So I created a simple compass out of the orienation api which can be found [here](../cardinal).

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