Maven plugin to execute Jasmine Specs. Creates your HTML runners for you, runs headlessly, outputs JUnit XML
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Build Status

For information on how to use jasmine-plugin, check out its documentation page.

3/12/2013 - has been released and is now available in Maven Central. You can find the full list of fixes/enhancements here. This is a quick summary:

  • Published a full maven site for the plugin that includes documentation of all available parameters. Check it out here.
  • Removed the deprecated jasmine:preparePackage goal. Please migrate to wro4j for such functionality.
  • Plugin no longer uses a custom lifecycle so you no longer need <extensions>true</extensions> in your configuration.
  • The jasmine:test goal now runs tests through Jetty the same as jasmine:bdd (see here for proper config if you are using saga-maven-plugin) improving consistency between the goals.
  • Made more variables available to custom spec runner templates and documented those variables here.
  • Improved AMD support which has been documented here. Note the scriptLoaderPath parameter has been deprecated and will be removed in the future.

7/31/2012 - Heads up! See below for an important note about a backwards-compatibility-breaking change in versions & later.

Current Version Info

The plugin's version numbering will mirror the version of Jasmine that backs it (with a version number tacked on at the end that tracks changes to the plugin within a Jasmine release). The latest version of the plugin points to Jasmine 1.3.1, so its version number is

If you want to point at snapshot releases of the plugin (note that I don't deploy them often), they're hosted on the Sonatype OSS snapshot repository.



If you have any problems, please check the project issues.


Pull requests are, of course, very welcome! Please read our contributing to the project guide first. Then head over to the open issues to see what we need help with. Make sure you let us know if you intend to work on something. Also, check out the milestones to see what is planned for future releases.


  • Thanks to Pivotal Labs for authoring and publishing Jasmine
  • Thanks to christian.nelson and sivoh1, owners of the javascript-test-maven-plugin project, which provided a similar implementation from which to glean several valuable lessons.
  • Thanks to all who have contributed with pull requests, issues, suggestions.