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Twenty Led Tower cOntrol - A GUI tool to control leds for behavioural experiments
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-- ToLsTOy - Twenty Led Tower cOntrol

ToLsTOy is a Graphical user interface used to drive an AD7304 chips via ADLINK PCI/PCI Express/cPCI Series Data Acquisition Cards. Its main purpose is to model stimulation protocol's for behavioural studies. ToLsTOy controls how long and with which intensity several led are illuminating a training area. It furthermore is used to define at which times how often and with which intensity electrical charge can be applied to the area.

ToLsTOy has been used for several scientific studies. Among them:

ToLsTOy has been designed to be simple and as free of dependencies as possible. It therefore uses the rather simple (and ugly) Tkinter gui tools shipped with python itself.

Image of ToLsTOy

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