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Limited Pre-Release of the new OZW1.6 Z-Wave component. Currently has limited platform support. Check the README for more details.
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Home Assistant Z-Wave over MQTT Integration (Pre-Release)


This integration allows you to utilize OpenZWave's qt-openzwave to control a Z-Wave network over MQTT. It is currently available as a custom component through HACS and will be submitted as an official Home Assistant component once it has matured a bit.

This is an early beta/pre-release and there are still significant limitations


Quick start

  • Remove the normal Z-Wave integration from your setup (if present).
  • Install the Mosquittto broker addon and configure MQTT in HomeAssistant integrations page.
  • Make sure you have HACS set-up (
  • Install custom add-on repository to get the OpenZWave daemon:
  • Install the OpenZWave Daemon add-on repository, configure and start.
  • Carefully check the logs of the daemon if it started successfully!
  • Go to the HomeAssistant integrations page, add Zwave MQTT integration.

Features and Limitations

  • Currently already supports binary_sensor, sensor, and switch platforms
  • Scenes support for both Central scenes and node/network scenes: Will fire HomeAssistant event zwave_mqtt.scene_activated.
  • Light support is currently limited to dimmers only, RGB bulbs are not yet implemented.
  • Other platforms will be added soon!
  • If you restart the OZW daemon docker/add-on, you need to restart Home Assistant.


Contributions are welcome! If you'd like to contribute, feel free to pick up anything on the current GitHub issues list!

Code Formatting

We try to follow the core Home Assistant style guidelines. Code should be formatted with black and imports sorted with isort. We have pre-commit hooks to help automate this process. Run pip install pre-commit and then pre-commit install to install the pre-commit hooks for code formatting.

Upstream Resources Used

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