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Mantis Kanban that uses ajax and mantisconnect

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Requires Mantis vs 1.2.15 or greater.

JS Configuration: config.js

    /// Point to the location of your server... should be in the same domain as the mantis server
    Mantis.ConnectURL = "http://bserver/api/soap/mantisconnect.php";

    /// The default filter to use when loading a projects issues
    /// If you leave this null, mantis will load whatever the last filter you used when you logged into the php site.
    Mantis.DefaultFilterID = "0";

    /// Use this value if you want to load additional closed issues, in addition to all the other statuses.   A good use for this is to load open issues 
    /// with DefaultFilterID, and load certain number of recently closed issues with these parameters.
    Mantis.ClosedIssuesFilterID = "0";

    /// How many issues should the call to the ClosedIssueFilterID return
    Kanban.NumberOfClosedMessagesToLoad = 10;

    /// This is the default project to be selected
    Mantis.CurrentProjectSelection = "0";

    /// When a project has a custom field, you can specify mantis statuses to change to when entering this bucket
    Kanban.AutoStatusOnCustomField = {
        "ScrumBucket" : {
            "Backlog" : "10", // New
            "Sprint" : "30", // Acknowledged
            "Current" : "50", // Assigned
            "Complete" : "80", // Resolved
            "Testing" : "80",
            "Tested" : "80",
            "Release" : "90" // Closed

    /// Use this to set default icons for cateogories
    Kanban.CategoryIconMap =  {
        "Bug" : "info-sign",
        "Task" : "calendar",
        "Feature" : "star"

    /// This is used to just define the Default Settings object, this info gets saved to local storage for next login
    var DefaultSettings = {
        autoResizeColumns: true,

Mantis Configuration:

Scrum Buckets:

If you want to define custom buckets, then in mantis go to Manage > ManageCustomFields.

Then add a field called "ScrumBucket" of type "List" with whatever possible values you want.  Be sure to seperate the
value with "|" like this: Backlog|Sprint|Current|Design|CodeComplete|Testing|Release

Next you need to associate the custom field with whatever project you want to have it show up on.

Default Filter:

You need to setup a filter for project issues.   If you don't, then Mantis will deliver all issues.   When you
have closed many issues, you will notice the speed greatly decreases.


Full Screen: Alt text

Edit Story: Alt text

Custom Scrum Buckets: Alt text

Mantis Statuses as Buckets: Alt text


Mantis Kanban that uses ajax and mantisconnect






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