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Coil TO-DO List
* json is almost a subset of coil. Investigate how difficult it would
be to make it work as a json parser as well.
* Google protobufs also have a
similar syntax and may be worth taking a closer look at for
comparison. In particular, it might be cool to add optional type
* Fix callers of "deleted?". Instead I need to follow the $deleted
links and delete those elements. This should make pass.
Document the semantics of @extends, which are highly dependent on the
implementation of the parser. e.g., because it processes structs in
the order they appear in the file, and processes @extends in a
top-down fashion, any relative links inside a struct that is @extended
but which access an ancestor struct that is outside of the @extended
struct, may not reference the element the user expected. This should
probably just be an error.
(Processing links in a bottom up fashion wouldn't make sense because
they might depend on @extends having been processed already.)