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A fast and easy-to-use node.js client for Beaconpush, a cloud hosted service for browser push messaging with Web Sockets.


Sends a message to a connected web browser:

var bp = require('beaconpush');

// Create a new client
var beaconpush = new bp.Client('<your-api-key>', '<your-secret-key>');

// Send a 'chatMessage' to user 'romeo'
beaconpush.user('romeo').send({chatMessage: 'ZOMG'});

A more detailed chat example is available in the examples directory.

What is Beaconpush?

Beaconpush is a cloud service offering push messaging in any web browser. Send messages in real-time to any browser by using a simple REST API. Integrates smoothly with all existing web frameworks and libraries.

  • No requirements
    Just embed a couple of lines of JavaScript on your web site. No software, no servers required.

  • Works in any browser
    Excellent browser compatibility no matter what. If Web Sockets isn't available, it will automatically try other transport alternatives.

  • User and channel presence
    First-class support for users making real-time, social sites a snap to create. Detect if user is online/offline or create chat rooms!

  • Scalable
    With high-performing, custom-written push server technology, Beaconpush will take care of all scalability needs for you.



With Node Package Manager installed, just type:

npm install beaconpush

API Examples

var bp = require('beaconpush');

// Create a new client
var beaconpush = new bp.Client('<your-api-key>', '<your-secret-key>');

// Get number of users currently connected to your site
beaconpush.usersConnected(function (err, numConnected) {
  console.log('There are ' + numConnected + ' users online');

// Get a user object where you do user operations
var user = beaconpush.user('julia');

// Send a stock quote to user 'julia'
user.send({stock: {symbol: "GOOG", quote: 34.2}}, function (err, numDelivered) {
  console.log('Delivered ' + numDelivered + ' message(s)');

// Check if user is online
user.isConnected(function (err, connected) {
  console.log('User ' + + ' is ' + (connected ? 'connected' : 'not connected'));

// Disconnect user
user.disconnect(function (err, connected) {
  console.log('User ' + + ' was disconnected');

// Get a channel object for doing channel operations
var channel ='chat');

// Send a chat message to channel
channel.send({chatMessage: {to: "romeo", from: "julia", message: "Oh, Romeo!"}}, function (err, numDelivered) {
  console.log('Delivered ' + numDelivered + ' message(s)');

// Get users connected to a channel
channel.usersConnected(function (err, users) {
  console.log('Users online ' + users);
<script src=""></script>



Open-source licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE file for details).