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WhereYouGo is an unofficial client for Wherigo Geocaching. It displays online and offline vector maps using Mapsforge library, alternatively Locus can be used to display maps.


This is a clone of this WhereYouGo repository as it was found unmaintained and was (after confirmation of original author) transferred to here. Development can be continued seamless as we got the ability and allowance to publish the app under the original accounts and signing keys.


As there are no specific support and contact channels for this project yet, please use the issue tracker of this repository to get in contact with the development community for the time being.

If PM contact is needed please contact us at



to be completed


  • master is for development of new features.
  • release is for all bug fixes of already existing features. So if a bug is reported in released version, it should be fixed on this branch (and merged to master afterwards).

A more complex bugfix can be first tested against the master branch while kept compatible with the release branch for a later integration. Such a procedure is described in the c:geo wiki which can also be applied in principle to this repository.

  • legacy has been created to maintain a legacy version for Android 4.0 devices (e.g. Garmin Monterra). No further feature enhancements are planned for this version, however important bugfixes to keep the basic functionality might be cherry-picked to this branch and published based on case-by-case decision.


Uses the following projects:


We are using Crowdin to support translations. A detailed description of the workflow can be found here:

Localization status: Crowdin

Releases / Versions

An overview of released beta and production versions and their changelog can be found on the release page of this repository.

Releases for Google Play will be done from branch release and can be build by team members using the CI environment.

The version code / version name is automatically derived and included during the build process using the date, the release was built on the CI. Once built the APK can either be directly uploaded to Google Play as production version or as a beta version and later on be promoted to a production version (under the same version code / version name).

The app is also available on F-Droid.