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Releases: cgeo/cgeo

2023.11.13 Bugfix Release

13 Nov 19:58
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  • Fix: Personal note from server contained incorrect chars
  • Change: Reduce timeout for calls to
  • Change: Removed separate BetterCacher box, tap on BetterCacher info line instead

2023.11.01 Bugfix Release

01 Nov 20:32
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  • Fix: Issues with distance views
  • Fix: Not all launcher icon variants are adaptive
  • Fix: Outdated error message if not network connection is available
  • Fix: Crashes when creating waypoint markers
  • Fix: Timezone issues when logging

2023.10.25 Feature Release

25 Oct 20:33
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  • Updated Mapsforge and VTM libs to v0.20
  • Updated Google Maps renderer
  • New: Show cache type icon as marker if custom cache icon has been set (emoji) or big icons are enabled
  • New: Show custom cache icon as marker for related waypoints
  • New: Allow scaling of cache/waypoint icons (see Settings => Appearance)
  • New: Linear labs use numbers as waypoint markers
  • New: Waypoints of a cache show cache type icon as marker
  • New: Show elevation info for current position on map (see Settings => Map Content & Behavior)
  • New: User-defined routing profiles (internal routing only)
  • Fix: Proximity notification title too long, actual notification gets cut off on small screens

Cache details

  • New: Edit default value for log image caption prefix
  • New: Ensure minimum image size for display
  • Change: Redesigned edit options for own log images
  • New: Bettercacher integration
  • New: Sync visited state on synchronizing waypoints to personal note
  • New: Retrieve found date for Opencaching-based caches
  • New: Append all waypoints to individual route


  • New: Increased target SDK to 33
  • Change: Handling of database access to avoid "database not available" crashes
  • Change: Only basic settings will be displayed per default. Go to Settings => Extended Settings to enable extended settings
  • New: Allow filtering in multi selection lists
  • New: Filter to include other named (stored) filters
  • Change: Removed AndroidBeam which is no longer supported by Android platform
  • Change: Configuration wizard: Integrated "restore" functionality in "configure services" screen and removed advanced configuration screen.
  • Fix: Hide outdated connection error message
  • Fix: Cannot create shortcuts for c:geo widgets on newer Android systems

2023.09.26 Bugfix Release

26 Sep 21:08
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  • New: Increased target SDK to 33 (due to Play Store requirements)
  • New: (Android 13 only) Added "Notifications" permission - you may need to run the configuration wizard from home screen or grant notification permission manually to see download notifications
  • Fix: GPX import with multiple tracks in same file
  • Fix: Favorite ratio > 100% under certain conditions
  • Fix: Navigation line lost on screen rotation with Google Maps
  • Fix: Individual route not deleted from Google Maps on deletion
  • Fix: Last log text discarded when adding image first on new log
  • Fix: "Set as favorite" cannot be unchecked if no favorite point left, logging fails with error

2023.08.24 Bugfix Release

24 Aug 20:23
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  • Fix: Individual route actions not working when using Google Maps
  • Fix: Crash on adding to favorites (under certain conditions)

2023.08.16 Feature Release

16 Aug 20:27
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  • Change: Always show popup menu on cache/waypoint long-tap (configurable)
  • New: Add 'Set as target' to map's long-tap popup
  • Fix: Partial files remaining on aborted copying of downloaded files
  • New: Integrity check for downloaded routing tiles
  • New: Support for user-selected audio for proximity notifications
  • New: Toggle proximity notifications from map quick settings
  • New: Extended GeoJSON support for Google Maps
  • New: Display a search center indicator when performing address search => tap on map symbol
  • New: OpenTopoMap map provider

Cache details

  • New: 'Save and upload' button when editing personal note
  • Change: Replace most update progress dialogs by background actions
  • Change: Use only non-empty logs for 'repeat last log'
  • New: Display logging errors
  • New: Allow selecting, copying etc. of image description (EXIF info)


  • New: Add more number emojis (separate category)
  • Change: Use different source for preview of pocket queries
  • New: Make startscreen selectable
  • New: Support target selector for additional navi apps
  • New: Display question mark in difficulty/terrain symbol, if both difficulty and terrain are unknown
  • New: Option to vote on opencaching (OCPL) caches during logging
  • New: Event Date filter for upcoming events
  • Change: Make 'relative' the default for date filters
  • New: Display info on home screen for unread messages (optional)
  • New: Quick launch item for message center
  • New: Make last bottom navigation item customizable
  • New: Updated integrated BRouter
  • New: Add interface to OrganicMaps for navigation
  • Fix: HTML-encoded chars in 'trackable last spotted" name
  • Change: Removed outdated Twitter support

2023.06.18 Bugfix Release

18 Jun 18:16
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  • Fix: Crash in Google Maps on certain map source changes
  • Fix: Store caches - "refresh and keep list assignments" option does not store new caches
  • Fix: Some seekbar issues
  • Fix: SVG geochecker images not being displayed
  • New: Display login error messages on home screen

2023.05.15 Feature Release

15 May 20:39
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  • Change: Use last known map position as fallback (when no GPS available and "follow my location" inactive)
  • New: Refresh caches in route
  • New: Individual coloring of tracks
  • New: Update map list on receiving map file
  • Change: Do not install downloaded map/theme automatically
  • New: Individual route optimization (experimental)
  • New: Support for "Google: Terrain" maps
  • New: Setting line-width per track
  • New: Hide map's action bar on demand (tap on empty space on map)
  • Change: Move quick settings buttons to the left in landscape mode to gain more vertical space
  • New: Visualize coords-only-points of individual route
  • Fix: Preserve target geocode on mapsource change
  • Change: Long tap on cache/waypoint, which is part of individual route, will open context menu
  • New: Add online attribute filtering for opencaching services
  • Fix: Waypoints of Adventure Labs sometimes not being displayed

Cache details

  • Change: Force redownload of cache when importing via send2cgeo
  • Change: Differentiate between size "not chosen" and "other" for caches (might give different filtering for some caches older than 2013)
  • Fix: Preserve scroll position when using "render complete description" button


  • Fix: Preview button displayed only with filter setting "show all" in PQ list
  • New: Add Cruiser as navigation app (requires Cruiser 3.0.9 or newer)
  • New: Import bookmark lists from links
  • New: Allow opening recently viewed caches as list
  • New: Make quicklaunch buttons sortable
  • New: Workaround for trackable namespace conflict (works for disabled GeoKrety connector)
  • New: Make cache list info items configurable
  • New: Clear recently viewed caches
  • New: Add 'recently viewed caches' to quicklaunch options
  • New: Add last logs smiley row to configurable info items
  • New: Added "add to individual route" to cache list menu
  • New: Updated integrated BRouter to v1.7.0
  • Fix: Alignment of compass status view in landscape mode

2023.04.11 Bugfix Release

11 Apr 15:15
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  • Fix: Error on downloading bookmark lists
  • Fix: Error on adding caches to / removing caches from bookmark lists
  • Fix: Google Maps: cache/waypoint popup opens when tapping zoom control/compass rose with cache/waypoint beneath it

2023.03.25 Bugfix Release

25 Mar 20:04
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  • Fix: Multiple navigation lines on Google Maps map
  • Fix: User-created waypoints not being displayed on OSM map
  • Fix: Widen log description column in landscape mode
  • Fix: Make image format error message clearer