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2023.09.26 Bugfix Release

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@moving-bits moving-bits released this 26 Sep 21:08
· 4 commits to release since this release
  • New: Increased target SDK to 33 (due to Play Store requirements)
  • New: (Android 13 only) Added "Notifications" permission - you may need to run the configuration wizard from home screen or grant notification permission manually to see download notifications
  • Fix: GPX import with multiple tracks in same file
  • Fix: Favorite ratio > 100% under certain conditions
  • Fix: Navigation line lost on screen rotation with Google Maps
  • Fix: Individual route not deleted from Google Maps on deletion
  • Fix: Last log text discarded when adding image first on new log
  • Fix: "Set as favorite" cannot be unchecked if no favorite point left, logging fails with error