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Welcome to the cgeo wiki!

If you are a c:geo user, maybe you want to meet some of the people from the development team? Most other information in the wiki is targeted at developers.


Do you want to join the team of developers/tester of cgeo? We have a set of coding conventions to reduce confusion and reformatting when submitting pull requests. Please adhere to these conventions.

If you are not used to git, don't fear, we have some guidelines for git beginners. When writing code for the project, you should know which branch to target, therefore please check how to get a bug fix into the release.

Some major ideas that will take some time to implement and therefore fall out of the category 'issue' are recorded here as Things To Do and Future Ideas. Please have a look at the Request-For-Comments page and leave your comments there.

c:geo internationalization and localization are done at Crowdin and anyone can contribute.

Release time

From time to time, we release a new version on the PlayStore.

Translations used in PlayStore

We use the wiki for coordination of the PlayStore translations. Contributions to those are always welcome. There are three pages:

Notifications to the users

We have a notification system in place to inform the users of new releases and of problems in the current release.

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