Send log to developers

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When c:geo crashes, it is a good idea to send a log to the developers. Logs often contain important information about the reason of that crash to help the developers fixing the problem.

What to do when you want to help?

The following will only work if your device has an Android version below 4.1 (JellyBean)! On higher Android versions your device needs to be rooted in order to collect system logs.

Install the following applications:

aLogcat. Available for free on Google Play.

Log Collector is easier to use, however both programs generate large emails. The best option will be to save the log and send it to us as an attachment.

After you installed the logging app please proceed as follows:

  1. Under normal conditions c:geo is not writing debug logs, therefore the first step is to enable "Debug logging" in the c:geo settings (Menu -> Settings -> System) In case you are not able to set this option as e.g. the app is already crashing on startup, just ignore this step

  2. On some devices several phone functions (such as GPS) or other background apps are writing many messages to the log. Therefore please turn of all functions which are not needed (e.g. GPS, other running apps,etc.). In case your problem deals especially with GPS it should of course stay turned on.

  3. Reboot your device to get clean starting conditions.

  4. Start c:geo and perform the action(s) which replicate your problem/crash in a continous sequence. (If you e.g. leave some minutes between your steps the resulting log might no longer contain all actions you performed.)

  5. Start the log app as quick as possible after step 4 and save the shown system log to a file.

  6. Send the log file to support [at] including a step by step description of what you did in step 4 and what was the result (e.g. crash).

  7. Don't forget to switch of "Debug logging" in c:geo after you finished.

Important note:

Logs you sent to the developers will not be archived, published, redistributed... or anything else. They will just be read by the developers, analyzed and deleted afterwards. In case we need to redistribute your log (e.g. on our bugtracker) we will ask for your agreement in beforehand and take appropriate steps to remove any personal information before redistribution.