A modern LaTeX document class for Caltech Ph.D. theses.
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The caltech_thesis Class

NOTE: This isn't done yet! There are bugs to be worked out before it is useful!

caltech_thesis is a modern, updated document class for writing Caltech PhD theses in LaTeX. It is based on the memoir class, and makes several choices regarding formatting that I prefer.

I'm hoping that by having it publicly accessible on Github, it will be useful to as many people as possible, and through contributions of others, pull requests, and perhaps forks, may remain up-to-date and coherent, instead of fracturing into numerous outdated versions with some changes strewn across the internet. To that end, if you make improvements, please submit them as pull requests; I'll try to either keep this updated or pass on maintainership to someone else.

Note that my actual thesis did not use exactly this class: the fonts were slightly different, and different weights were used for various elements.