Firefox extension for instantly saving a page to Remember The Milk
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Firefox extension for quickly saving a webpage as a task to Remember The Milk from the tool bar. The title and link of the current page are used to create the new task. Create new lists from MooLater before saving a new task to it. Find it in the Firefox Add-Ons marketplace. Using Moo Later is easy: Login, check the details then start adding tasks.

Moo Later Logo Moo Later Logo Moo Later Logo Moo Later Logo


Version 2 of Moo Later is a complete rewrite that supports Firefox version 57 and above. For versions of Firefox before this please stay with Moo Later 1.2.

If you have a bug please raise it here on GitHub but for discussion and ideas head on over to the Remember the Milk Forums. You can also leave a review on the Firefox Add-Ons marketplace page.


  • On Linux/Mac/Windows Alt + M will open MooLater.


This extension can be configured through the Firefox Add-ons preferences page. This is accessed by clicking the menu items Tools -> Add-ons. Then select Extensions from the side menu and click the Preferences button for Moo Later.

  • Default List - The name of the list that will be selected automatically for new tasks. It must match the name of an existing list with the same capitalization. New tasks can not be added to Smart Lists. Default is empty which will go to the Inbox. I recommend using a separate list for Moo Later created tasks, perhaps called Read Later.
  • Use Title - Use the title of the currently viewed page for new tasks. Default is checked.
  • Use Address - Use the url of the currently viewed page for new tasks. Default is checked.
  • Use Smart Add - Should the new tasks title be processed by Remember the Milk Smart Add. Default is checked.

When entering a new task the Address must be a valid URL that starts with http:// or https://. To save a task with no Address the link field can be left empty.


npm install --global web-ext
web-ext --overwrite-dest -s src -a target build

Running locally

The script can be used to create a development instance of Firefox with MooLater installed. This does not depend on it having been build, it will use the src files as is.


This product uses the Remember The Milk API but is not endorsed or certified by Remember The Milk.