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.. automodule:: allel.stats.selection

Integrated haplotype score (IHS)

.. autofunction:: allel.ihs

Cross-population extended haplotype homozygosity (XPEHH)

.. autofunction:: allel.xpehh

Number of segregating sites by length (NSL)

.. autofunction:: allel.nsl
.. autofunction:: allel.xpnsl

Haplotype diversity, Garud's H statistics

.. autofunction:: allel.garud_h
.. autofunction:: allel.moving_garud_h
.. autofunction:: allel.haplotype_diversity
.. autofunction:: allel.moving_haplotype_diversity

Population branching statistic (PBS)

.. autofunction:: allel.pbs

Delta Tajima's D

.. autofunction:: allel.moving_delta_tajima_d

Utilities and plotting functions

.. autofunction:: allel.standardize
.. autofunction:: allel.standardize_by_allele_count
.. autofunction:: allel.ehh_decay
.. autofunction:: allel.voight_painting
.. autofunction:: allel.plot_voight_painting
.. autofunction:: allel.fig_voight_painting
.. autofunction:: allel.plot_haplotype_frequencies
.. autofunction:: allel.plot_moving_haplotype_frequencies
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