@Zetten Zetten released this Mar 16, 2018 · 77 commits to development since this release

F-TEP 2.2.0 is the second major release for the operational phase of the

This release includes a major update to enable usage of the EO Cloud as
the primary data provider, including satellite product search and data

Processor services

The committed repository versions of core services have been updated to
their platform implementations.

Improvements, Changes & Fixes

  • Fix search result selection and footprint display
  • Allow case-insensitive searches for reference data and F-TEP products
  • Add WMS links to search results where possible
  • Disable databasket and result selection buttons when no results are available
  • Fix bottombar display in My Account page
  • Correctly identify download actions in the transaction history
  • Add missing cost confirmation popup to download links
  • Fix jumping to a newly-launched job in the job list panel

For a comprehensive log of all changes, please visit the F-TEP source

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