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Test your code in production!

Injecto is a web proxy which lets you inject resources from your filesystem into production websites, and reloads the relevant pages when you change them — no browser extensions required!

Injecto live-reloads your pages when the filesystem resources change, and it also provides you a 'broadcast REPL' — a JS console on steroids: evaluate code in all connected browsers simultaneously. It catches page errors and redirects them to your terminal.

Injecto also caches resources in-memory, so refreshes are fast and you don't have to worry about network connectivity.

Get started

You'll need node and npm.

npm install -g injecto

Navigate to a folder with resources you want to inject into the page.

Then, it's just a simple matter of:

injecto myproductionwebsite.com

By default, Injecto runs on port 3000. Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/.

You'll see resources appear in your terminal as the page loads. Injecto also reports whether the resource is being delivered from cache, or fetched remotely.

As soon as at least one websocket-enabled client connects, you'll see a prompt appear:

broadcast REPL: 2 clients> _

Anything you type here will be transmitted to connected clients and evaluated locally. Synchronously returned results are immediately displayed in your terminal.

Typing reload will reload all connected clients.

Type ^C or .exit to quit.