Form file upload examples for Zend Framework 2
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ZF2 File Upload Examples Module

No Maintenance Intended

A set of form file upload examples to test the new features in the upcoming ZF 2.1 release.

NOTE: These examples are only compatible with Zend Framework version 2.1 (or greater).

You can find a good primer on file uploading in the documentation.

List of Examples

  • Using a single File element.
  • Using multiple File elements in a Collection.
  • Using a single File element with the HTML5 "multiple" attribute.
  • Temporarily save uploaded file(s) until a form is completely valid.
  • Using file uploads with the Post-Redirect-Get plugin.
  • Using AJAX to upload files and displaying progress with Session Upload Progress (Requires PHP 5.4).
  • Complex example using Session Upload Progress with a partially valid form (Requires PHP 5.4).

See the Example Controllers for more details.

If there is a use-case for file uploading that you'd like to see and isn't currently included here, please create a GitHub issue.


  1. Install the ZendSkeletonApplication.
  2. Clone this project into your ./vendor/ directory (or use composer, see below).
  3. Enable ZF2FileUploadExamples in your application.config.php file.
  4. Create a ./data/tmpuploads directory, and make writeable by the webserver.
  5. Download the jQuery Form plugin into ./public/js/jquery.form.js (for the Upload Progress example).
  6. Navigate to /file-upload-examples in your browser to see the list of examples.

You may also need to change/verify these php.ini settings:

file_uploads = On
post_max_size = 50M
upload_max_filesize = 50M
session.upload_progress.enabled = On
session.upload_progress.freq =  "1%"
session.upload_progress.min_freq = "1"
; Also make certain 'upload_tmp_dir' is writeable


    "require": {
        "cgm/zf2-file-upload-examples": ">=1.0.0"