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Pattern Language

A pattern description is made up of a series of pipeline stages. It starts with a source to provide the initial string, which then goes through a bunch of filters that modify it. After the last filter, all characters that cannot exist in include guards are replaced with _.

Filters are separated by |. Filters can take arguments, which are separated by spaces. Strings generally do not need to be quoted, unless they contain | , ', ", or whitespace. Either ' or " can be used to quote.

Feedback on the language is appreciated. If you have a real-world project which uses a guard pattern that is difficult to specify, please open an issue.



Returns the file's basename.


Returns the file's relative path.

Takes an optional argument specifying how many parent directories to include or remove. With no argument, all parent directories are included. A positive argument includes that many directories and removes all others, while a negative argument removes that many directories and includes all others. When an argument is provided, path <N> is equivalent to path | parents <N>.

Negative arguments are particularly useful for trimming off parts of the relative path that were merely for navigating to the project root directory.

Command File Output
path src/Regex/Match.h src/Regex/Match.h
path 0 src/Regex/Match.h Match.h
path 1 src/Regex/Match.h Regex/Match.h
path 2 src/Regex/Match.h src/Regex/Match.h
path -1 src/Regex/Match.h Regex/Match.h
path -2 src/Regex/Match.h Match.h



Returns the input, converted to uppercase.

Input Output
Match.h MATCH.H


Returns the input, converted to lowercase.

Input Output
Match.h match.h


Converts snake_case to PascalCase.

Input Output
sprite_animator.h SpriteAnimator.h


Converts PascalCase to snake_case.

Input Output
SpriteAnimator.h sprite_animator.h


Substitutes one string for another.

Command Input Output
replace M Sw Match.h Swatch.h


Removes all occurrences of a string.

Command Input Output
remove t Match.h Mach.h


Appends the given string to the end of the input

Command Input Output
append pp Match.h Match.hpp


Prepends the given string to the beginning of the input

Command Input Output
prepend Re Match.h ReMatch.h


Surround the input with the given string

Command Input Output
surround x Match.h xMatch.hx


Trims an input file path. Takes an argument specifying how many parent directories to keep. Negative values instead specify how many parent directories to remove.

Command Input Output
parents 0 src/Regex/Match.h Match.h
parents 1 src/Regex/Match.h Regex/Match.h
parents 2 src/Regex/Match.h src/Regex/Match.h
parents -1 src/Regex/Match.h Regex/Match.h
parents -2 src/Regex/Match.h Match.h



If the pipeline ends in a raw sink, then the normal substitution of illegal characters by _ is suppressed.

Usage Notes

You may want to consider the rules for valid guards. In the global namespace, both the C and C++ languages reserve all names that:

  • start with an underscore
  • contain two underscores in a row

These should be avoided.