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Haskell high level access to webcams under Linux.
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Provides high-level access to webcams for Haskell programs.

The current state is that the library provides a monad for
grabbing images from a webcam under Linux. In the future, more functionality like 
image processing functions and other input devices may be added.

For images, repa arrays are used. Therefore, all the repa goodness
can be used with the data. It should also be possible without too much hassle 
to write a function which gets the data into a different type of array,
if that is necessary.

Getting an image with a v4l webcam works like this:

> import Graphics.Webcam.Linux
> main = runCam (Webcam 0) $ grab >>= saveBmp "my_image.bmp"

If anyone wants to help, like by adding webcams on other platforms
besides Linux, please contact me!

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