A simple Augmented Reality shooter implemented in WebXR and SAP UI5
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Augmented Reality shooter with WebXR and SAP UI5

This repository contains the code of a sample project I've used at some conferences to demonstrate how to develop Augmented Reality apps with WebXR and SAP UI5.

A runnable version of this initial version can be found here:


A runnable version of the solution can be found here:



To be able to run the web app you'll need to install the WebXR Viewer on your iPhone or iPad.


To be able to debug your JavaScript Code, you need to download, build and install the WebXR Viewer from Source:


On an iPhone or iPad this app requires ARKit which runs on devices with at least an A9 processor or later like the iPhone 6s and iOS 11.



The code in the master branch contains the initial version of the app. A step by step tutorial is available here:


The full game is implemented in the solution branch.


Technical Background

The app is using WebXR. WebXR is a standard which is currently being developed and supported by Microsoft, Google and Mozilla.