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Initiative and damage tracker for the HERO System roleplaying game.

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hero_init is an initiative and damage tracker for the HERO System roleplaying game, providing the gamemaster with tools to quickly manage combat and disseminate combat information to players. GMs can script combat scenarios ahead of time, while players can view pertinent combat information on their smartphones or tablets.

Features include:

  • Qt-based GUI built using PySide.
  • Quick input using miniature command-line interpreter.
  • All GM commands can be scripted ahead of time for quick combat setup.
  • Embedded web server provides players with health and initiative information for their characters while maintaining surprise about non-player characters.
  • Designed to require only minimal dependencies for easy installation.


Right now, this section is pretty bare, as I have only tested hero_init on my own (Linux) machines.


  1. Ensure that you have PySide installed.
  2. Download the latest version of hero_init from GitHub.
  3. Extract the tarball (note that GitHub changes the filename each version, so you type whatever you downloaded instead of "e165c97"):

    $ tar xf cgranade-hero_init-e165c97.tar.gz
    $ cd cgranade-hero_init-e165c97
  4. Run the hero_init package in src/.

    $ python src/hero_init

Mac OS X

Note: These instructions are untested.

On Mac OS X, you can run hero_init either from the Terminal, following the Linux instructions above, or you can try out the experimental DMG installer.




hero_init is controlled via the miniature command-line interpreter provided at the bottom of the main window. Interactive help on these commands appears below the command-line.

Individual combatants are referred to either by their full names (in quotes if need be), or by a prefix that uniquely identifies that combatant. For instance, if Alice and Bob are combatants, h A S 12 will heal (h) Alice of 12 STUN damage.


Managing Combatants

add name spd dex stun body end [PC | NPC] [status]

Adds a new combatant, named name, to the current combat.

The combatant will have SPD spd and DEX dex, and will have maximum characteristic values given by stun, body and end. The combatant will be an NPC unless specified by the string PC. The status argument sets an optional status string for that combatant.

del name

Removes one combatant from the combat.

Time and SPD

{next | n}

Advances to the next turn.

abort name

Causes name to abort their next phase, if possible. Otherwise, a warning is displayed indicating why the abort is illegal.

chdex - not yet implemented

chspd name new_spd

Sets the SPD value for name to the value given, and changes their placement on the segment chart accordingly.

Damage and Healing

{dmg | d} name { S | B| E } amt

Applies damage of amt to name's STUN, BODY or END.

{heal | h} name { S | B| E } amt

Heals damage of amt to name's STUN, BODY or END.


run file

Loads the specified file and executes each command at the hero_init shell. Useful for describing combat scenarios ahead-of-time. (And yes, a script loaded in this way can call other scripts.)

Embedded Server

{server start port | server stop}

Starts or stops an embedded webserver on port 8080, or the specified port. This webserver does not implement any security, and will provide anyone with combat details on all player characters, but not on any non-player characters. The webserver is intended for use with phones or tablets, but will also work in desktop and laptop browsers.


Initiative and damage tracker for the HERO System roleplaying game.






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