A library for working with quantum error correction.
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Welcome to QuaEC

QuaEC is a library for working with quantum error correction, including support for efficiently maniuplating Pauli and Clifford operators. QuaEC is (ideally) supported anywhere Python and NumPy/SciPy are supported.

Installing QuaEC

QuaEC provides a setup script, setup.py, for installing from source. On Unix-like systems, QuaEC can be made available globally by running:

$ cd /path/to/quaec/
$ sudo python setup.py install

On Windows, run cmd.exe, then run the setup script:

C:\> cd C:\path\to\quaec\
C:\path\to\quaec\> python setup.py install

Note that you may be prompted for permission by User Access Control.

More Information

Full documentation on QuaEC is available on GitHub at http://cgranade.github.com/python-quaec/.