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Structural code transformations for the masses.
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Not so Homoiconic.pdf Added README and EuroClojure slides Jun 1, 2012


Sjacket stated goal is to become a common backend for Clojure editors.

It provides:

  • cheap, always up-to-date, parse trees and views
  • structural transformations by simple sexpr transformations (you don't have to care about the source layout and comments, sjacket does its best to preserve them)

Sjacket is still in its infancy: despite having thought about it for a while, I only wrote some code in a TDD (Talk Driven Development) fashion for EuroClojure 2012 (see Not So Homiconic.pdf for the slides).

The short term goal is to provide a demo ui which will serve as an example for integrators. Once the demo ui is done, work on the transformations will resume.

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