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(ns net.cgrand.xmacros
"Safely extensible macros."
{:author "Christophe Grand"})
(defn add-operator!
"Extends the macro for the operator identified by keyword using f as the
backend. The macro docstring is updated to document this operator."
[macrovar keyword f docstring]
(when-not (= (or (and (keyword? keyword) (not= ::catch-all keyword)
(namespace keyword))
(-> macrovar meta :ns ns-name name))
(-> *ns* ns-name name))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException.
"Namespaced keywords can only be added from matching namespaces. Operators for non-keywords or non-namespaced keywords can only be added from the namespace where the macro is defined.")))
(alter-meta! macrovar
(fn [{exts ::extensions doc :doc core-doc ::doc :as meta}]
(let [core-doc (or core-doc doc)
exts (assoc exts keyword {:fn f :doc docstring})
doc (apply str core-doc "\n\nSupported ops:" (mapcat (fn [[kw {doc :doc}]]
["\n\n" kw "\n " doc])
(sort-by key (dissoc exts ::catch-all))))]
(assoc meta :doc doc ::doc core-doc ::extensions exts))))
(defmacro defop
"Extends the specified macro for the specified operator (keyword)."
[macroname keyword docstring? args & body]
(let [[docstring args body] (if (string? docstring?)
[docstring? args body]
[nil docstring? (cons args body)])]
`(add-operator! (var ~macroname) ~keyword (fn ~args ~@body) ~docstring)))
(defmacro defdefault-op
"Defines a default operator handler for the specified macro.
The actual keyword is passed as first argument."
[macroname args & body]
`(add-operator! (var ~macroname) ::catch-all (fn ~args ~@body) nil))
(defn operator-fn
"Returns the fn backing the operator for the macro or nil."
[macrovar keyword]
(get-in (meta macrovar) [::extensions keyword :fn]))
(defmacro expand-macro-op [macroname op & args]
"Expands the op."
`(let [macrovar# (resolve ~macroname)
op# ~op]
(if-let [f# (operator-fn macrovar# op#)]
(f# ~@args)
((operator-fn macrovar# ::catch-all) op# ~@args))))
(defmacro expand-op
"Must be called inside a macro body. Expands the op."
[op & args]
`(expand-macro-op (first ~'&form) ~op ~@args))